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I am a singer/songwriter. My songs often carry a message. I do my best to write songs to uplift the heart. I have a small studio and a close circle of friends who I work with. 


I have a unique point of view that stems from an unyielding desire to be myself at any cost. This gives my music a different perspective than other music. 

I have a simple, economical style of writing and guitar playing. I have a wide range of style and genres that I write in, and each of my songs is unique and brings something original to the project.

What Lyrica is up to:

Posted new vids, working on a second self produced album. Lot's of new songs, better quality productions and a few accompanying video's. Check them all out!

New Gigs:

See below!

You can listen to my demo's, or see my vids, or get more information on my activities on my Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter, and Youtube pages. You can also find some of my music on Itunes or Amazon digital stores.

See my Tidbits and Samples Page for free downloads and vids.

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Upcoming Gigs!

Lambton Woodstock on August 8th at sawmill creek.

August 29th. Opening act at the trinity lounge.

Kinstock on July 12 went fantastically. We had a crowd of almost 700 people and everyone had a great time.

The show at The Complex went wonderfully. Thank you to Stephen Dumont, Keith Stutt, and Guy Bastien for playing a couple tunes with me and letting me play there. And thanks to everyone who came out .... you made it a great night!   :)

Just Released a digital download album!

It's called "Paradox" you can preview and download it here. As well there are rewards for sharing the music and etc. Check it out!

New Video Day!

Independent Kind of Girl. On my tidbits and samples page!

New Song Day!

Independent Kind of Girl. Check it out on the player on my tidbits and samples page!

Free Me From The Ice.

Check out the tidbits and samples page for the latest video!

Late March:

Just posted a youtube video on my tidbits and samples page. A Joan Jett cover of "Hate Myself For Loving You". Check it out!

New Video!

Just posted a video of a new song called "Winter's Soul". It's my best video yet. Check it out on my tidbits and samples page!


Posted a couple of new videos. One of an older song, and one of one I just wrote. You can find them on my tidbits and samples page

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