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My song "Time" will be on an internet radio station. Here's a link....


Nov 18th Had my song "Time" professionally mixed by Rusty James. It sounds great now. Check it out below!

Wednesday the 16th I'll be playing a set at Fitzrays in London Ontario  come on out and have some fun!

Nov 12 released the song "I Stand"

Nov 10 released a song "Where Do All The Heroes Go".

October 13. Remixed and remastered an old tune and it came out even better than i expected so I'm re-editing the video to go with it and sometime next week I hope to have a whole new song out of an old one! Check out the sneak preview on this page!

October 6th. released a new video. "Time" With Jeff Black on Bass guitar and Rory Goulding on drums.  Check it out at the bottom of this page!

Working on something a little different. A full band "tracking" a song bit by bit in the studio. Rory Goulding is playing drums for me and Jeff Black is playing bass and may do some back up vocals! It's all very exciting as they are awesome people and excellent musicians to record with.

Late September. "This Is What I Call My Life"

September 5th

Put out a song called "The Story Of Our Times"

check my music page for  the recording!

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I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist, who has led a unique life which lends itself to my songwriting. My music often carries a message, either of love or loss, or of a more 60's oriented message of protest, but with a more modern take on the music itself.

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Have started a Blog. Check it out