What Lyrica is up to.

One of the songs is basically finished, and the engineer has the template to begin mixing the other 9. It will be a 10 song album. If you want a sneak preview of the song chec out the sample I posted on my "Music and stuff" page!


The guys and I finally started talking goals, and we realized our goals are mutually exclusive. I want to travel and play all over should the opportunity arise, and they all have familial and career obligations  and etc. So we parted on good terms and I will surely miss playing with them :)

On another note, the album is done recording, and has been sent to the mixing/mastering studio. The album art is almost done, and it will soon be available for digital download

March 15th. While waiting for my album to be mixed and mastered and the art to be created, I wrote a new tune. Check it out on my  music page!

I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist, who has led a unique life which lends itself to my songwriting. My music often carries a message, either of love or loss, or of a more 60's oriented message of protest, but with a more modern take on the music itself.

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Will soon be releasing my solo album "Whisper". You can find a premix of the songs