What Lyrica is up to.

New song day :)  Caught Between

My third solo album will soon be ready. It will be a double album with at least 17 songs, priced like a single album.It's available on preorder now..... contact me through here or facebook.

Had a little jam with Dom Franze and Ron Van Boheeman at Eastside Bar and Grill there last night.

Just put out four songs this week. Two videos, first is My Heels Are Too High" and the second is "Whisper". The two audio only songs are Demon Child and The Sky Is Falling", all of which can be found on my youtube, and/or my soundcloud respectively. (The video can also be found on this website).

I am currently working my way toward a third solo album, looking for a drummer and bassist to form a band, and scoping out the local jams from london to sarnia area.

I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist, who has led a unique life which lends itself to my songwriting. My music often carries a message, either of love or loss, or of a more 60's oriented message of protest, but with a more modern take on the music itself.

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